History of La Barriera di San Lorenzo in Siena

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History of the

History of the building

La Barriera di San Lorenzo is located inside an ancient palace which has been recognised by the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e del Paesaggio for its architectural and historic value. The structure was established during the IXXth century as the site of the main and only municipal asylum in the historic centre of the city. Later, in around the twentieth century, it became the famous Sienese music school Rinaldo Franci, which is now a conservatory of music.

The name "San Lorenzo" derives from an important medieval gate in Siena called "Porta di San Lorenzo," which owes its name to the adjacent convent of nuns. It also gave its title to the street called, Strada San Lorenzo (now Via Garibaldi).

p>The title "La Barriera", derives from the historic demolition of a part of the walls, which took place in 1850/1851 for construction of the Railway Station. Later, the passage was closed by an iron gate and used as a customs post, for the payment of duties on the imported and exported goods.


A place therefore, that is deeply linked to the life of Siena, which is why for its renovation, which took place in 2018, materials that were already present in the old complex were used.

In every bathroom, it is in fact possible to admire the old marble grit that made up the building's floor. All accompanied by a modern and contemporary touch, that will make your stay a truly unique experience.